Formerly known as MSDNAA
Free Microsoft Software available to students enrolled in participating departments at Carleton University.
What is DreamSpark?
DreamSpark gives students access to Microsoft professional-level products, particularly developer tools and operating systems, free of charge. Check at the bottom of this page to see if your department is enrolled in DreamSpark
Get Free Microsoft Software
Students, Staff and Faculty can obtain free Microsoft software and Operating Systems with a license that never expires—even after you graduate from Carleton.

To get your free software:

  1. Login to your department's DreamSpark webstore using the appropriate link at the bottom of this page - You will be asked for your Carleton username and password
    (Or you may have been given a specific username and password by your department's IT unit)
  2. Order and Download the desired DreamSpark product from the webstore
    When you order, you will be asked to agree to terms associated with the software
    Keep your download in a safe place as you have a limited number times that you may download the software
  3. Install the DreamSpark product using the provided product keys (where applicable)

What software is available? Essentially all Microsoft software is available except for MS Office. Typically the professional versions of the Operating Systems are available, for example, Windows 7 Professional.

NOTE: Microsoft software licenses typically do not expire, however the Dreamspark software downloads are limited. Once you download the software make sure to backup the software installation. It is also a good idea to save the license key in case you need to re-install the software.

Carleton University Departments Enrolled in DreamSpark
School of Business
Faculty of Engineering & Design
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE)
School of Industrial Design (SID)
School of Information Technology (BIT)
Systems and Computer Engineering (SCE)
Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE)
Faculty of Science
School of Computer Science (SCS)
School of Mathematics and Statistics
Department of Physics
* Typically students that are currently enrolled in a course at one of the above departments will have access to eLMS using their connect accounts. Please contact the IT administrator for your department for more info.
Kivuto and DreamSpark
Kivuto Solutions Inc. (formerly e-academy or ELMS) is the company that hosts the data and license downloads for Dreamspark. Students and faculty use Kivuto webstore to download the Microsoft software.